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Itannex strives for a better and more beautiful society. We do this by helping our customers in applying new technologies. Since 1996 we are Autodesk reseller and this Autodesk software is central to the solutions we offer our customers. As an Autodesk Platinum Partner and multidisciplinary advisor in the entire construction column, we are able to help our clients develop towards a sustainable future, so that we can support our customers to realize their goals and ideals.

Our specialty

Our specialty is BIM. Within each component of the construction column, we have several customers of different sizes and brands. We support them with the design, management and sharing of information. We do this by offering them software, training and services. The basis lies in software for AEC, such as AutoCAD, Revit, SmartRevit and BIM 360. In addition to software, we offer training and specific advice in order to improve various processes. We put our expertise into practice in the following areas:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction companies
  • Installers and installation consultants
  • Building manufacturers
  • Government agencies and water authorities


In order to support our customers in achieving their goals, we have concluded several strategic partnerships, so that we can make our product range as powerful as possible.


We are an Autodesk Platinum Partner and have been working with Autodesk for over 20 years. In this role, we advise our customers about the possibilities of software such as AutoCAD, Revit or BIM 360.


As our distributor of Autodesk software, Datech is a highly valued partner. They support us with various issues, such as support, order processing and product information.

Building Manufacturers

For several international companies (building manufacturers), we make the product range suitable for BIM by means of creating intelligent 'BIM Families'. Thanks to this BIM content, your (potential) customer can easily load your product into the BIM model. As a result, you are already in the design phase of your project, which significantly increases the chances of an assignment. These BIM Families are made at LOD-400 level and are manufacturer specific. Amongst others, we do this for:

  • Manufacturers of window frames
  • Pipeline manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of roofs
  • Manufacturers of air systems
  • Manufacturers of tiles
  • Wholesale companies

Read here about our customer Hilti and their vision on BIM.

Itannex, a healthy and vital company

Itannex is a healthy and vital company. Since 2015, the number of employees has increased by more than 60% and in 2017 we realized a turnover of € 11,500,000. We support more than 6000 Autodesk software users with their daily activities and are proud to have done so for years.

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Itannex in getallen

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